Honda CBR300R Top Speed, Specs, Features, Price, Mileage, & Review

You probably see your friends and workmates arriving at work earlier than you do while you struggle with the morning traffic, which makes your work trips entirely exhausting. Probably, you now want to get yourself a motorbike, even though you’re not an expert yet. It’s no reason to worry, as the Honda CBR300C’s top speed (95 mph) will get you to work on time.

Characterized by a 286cc engine, CBR300R may be a slow bike, making it a good starter asset that every biker should consider buying. Claiming to have 30.4 horsepower, CBR300R is a great bike that lasts up to 15 years. Just keep it in dry places to evade corrosion.

Boasting a quick bi-directional shifter, a full-color TFT screen, and a slipper clutch, this bike is definitely worth your money. Besides, it would be okay to say it’s made with the dot-com generation in mind, as it has a Bluetooth connectivity feature!

This is just a pinch of the truth; read on to know more.

Honda CBR300R Review

Top Speed: 95 mph


Quality is what determines how much you should pay for any bike. Let’s, therefore, see what you get for this 2-wheeled sport-like bike. Firstly, it has six gears, which are easy to change. So, you don’t have to break a sweat when changing from one gear to another.

At 8500 rpm, Honda CBR300R features an HP of 30.4, which is at its optimum. On the other hand, the engine has a 286cc, which is good enough but may have a low speed like some other models.

While that may sound like a con, it’s a pro in many ways. Do you doubt it? If all bikes were equal in power, where would you, as a beginner, start? So, we now agree that it’s a good thing. At 7250rpm, the bike features a maximum torque of 27.1Nm.


It would be suicidal and foolish to buy a bike whose brakes are compromised. Your Honda CBR300R isn’t one such bike because it is characterized by Anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Hence, with the strong front and rear brakes (single 296mm disc and 220mm disc, respectively), once you spot an incoming danger, it’s easy to steer and evade any danger immediately.

Dimensions and Weight

If you’re about 5.5 ft tall, CBR300R would be a comfortable bike since its seat height is 30.7 inches tall.

The rake angle is 25.3 degrees and 54.3 Inches. Consequently, your bike won’t suffer any instability, even at high speed. On the other hand, the trail is 3.9 inches, which is great for a beginner bike.

After fueling, your bike should weigh about 357 pounds. Thanks to the 13 liters tank, not only is it enough for your daily rides, but it’s also economical.

Honda CBR300R Top Speed, Specifications, Price, and Seat Height

2022 Honda CBR300R Price in The USA

BASE MSRP: $4,899: +Destination Charge: $400.00

Honda CBR300R Mileage: Mileage: 30 km/l


Engine Type286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke76mm x 63mm
InductionPGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
IgnitionComputer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Compression Ratio10.7:1
Valve TrainDOHC; four valves per cylinder


Final Drive#520 Chain; 14T/36T


Front Suspension37mm fork; 4.65 inches of travel
Rear SuspensionPro-Link® single shock with five-position spring-preload adjustability; 4.07 inches of travel


Front BrakeSingle 296mm disc
Rear BrakeSingle 220mm disc


Front Tire110/70-17
Rear Tire140/70-17


Rake (Caster Angle)25.3°
Trail3.9 inches
Wheelbase54.3 inches
Seat Height30.7 inches
Curb Weight357 pounds. Includes all standard equipment, required fluids, and a full tank of fuel ready to ride.
Fuel Capacity3.4 gallons
Miles Per Gallon71 MPG
Ground ClearanceNA


One Year IncludedTransferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional ExtendedExtended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®


Model IDCBR300R
EmissionsMeets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available ColorsGrand Prix Red, Matte Gray Metallic

Honda CBR300R Acceleration through the gears

Honda CBR300R Acceleration
0-10 mph0.63
0-20 mph1.34
0-30 mph1.96
0-40 mph3.07
0-50 mph4.52
0-60 mph6.36
0-70 mph8.82
0-80 mph12.41
0-90 mph18.07
SS/QM15.14/85.8 mph
SS/KM29.608/96 mph
Top Speed97.85 mph

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Parting Shot

Like every other bike, it’s necessary to keep changing the oil at least once in a while. In addition to keeping your bike away from wet areas to prevent rusting, maintenance will give it a long life. With the 95 mph Honda CBR300r top speed, you can be sure, as a beginner, you’ll be investing in a good, high-quality bike for its price.

If you don’t like it after a couple of weeks, there’s nothing to worry about; you can get in touch with the factory and transfer ownership.

Available in Matte gray metallic and grand Prix red colors, this low-seat height bike features a programmed fuel injection. Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity that most youngsters love, the no-maintenance battery type thrills the most.

There you go; these are enough reasons to make you order your bike NOW!

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