Honda CBR600RR Top Speed, Price, Specs, & Review 2022

Looking for a race-oriented motorcycle? With the Honda CBR600RR’s top speed of about 120 mph, you can only feel like you’re flying on the road. With a dual-stage fuel injection (DSFI), CBR600RR features a powerful engine that has a power of 121 BPH.

The compression ratio, on the other hand, is 12:2:1. This gives your motorcycle a combustion efficiency of a high level. Better still is that you’ll count less on fuel consumption. Plus, the gas exhaust is equally less. The bore X stroke is 67mm by 42.5mm, which optimizes the combustion efficiency.

It’s value for your money! That’s not all there’s in this two-wheeled car! Find out more reasons why this year should not end before you make your order.

Honda CBR600RR Review

Top Speed: 120 mph


A sport-like motorcycle hints to us that CBR600RR is a super fast bike that would be ideal for experienced riders. The 4-stroke, 600cc engine is good enough. Besides, this 4-cylinder, water-cooled engine gives an optimum power of 13000+ rpm.

Its optimum torque stands at 11000+ rpm, and it has a 6-speed transmission, which greatly surpasses your ordinary motorcycle. With an increased horsepower of up to 113, which is an advancement from the previous model, CBR600RR features an Electric/Kick Start engine.

Oh, and in only 3.18 seconds, the 599cm³ engine hits 0-100km/h. Worth your money? Absolutely!


Built with a twin-spar aluminum type of frame, CBR600R, whose suspension adjusts fully, has a significant con: No slipper clutch! You agree with me that this is something the manufacturer should consider adding. Thankfully, it features a full transistorized ignition.

The fuel system is injection DSFI. Is this necessary? Indeed! It’s this injection that gives your motorcycle a quick as well as sharp throttle response. Moreover, its combustion is clean (unlike most other models) and is highly efficient.

There’s more than this – the bike is not highly prone to damage, and you never have to worry about maintenance.

Fuel Consumption

A little math won’t do you any harm. Generally, a motorcycle should consume at least 1 liter every 13 to 17 kilometers. While this estimation may vary based on your weight and riding skills, it’s correct to assume that 18 liters (the average consumption of the CB600R) can take you as far as 234 km. Else, 306 km.

Not to mention, the DSFI fuel system makes your motorbike’s fuel consumption economical. So, it becomes easy to have many road trips without clearing your bank account balances.

Weight Capacity and Height

It’s a motorcycle! So, you’ll need to put one or both feet on the ground at some point. What happens if the motorbike is too high for you? Still, what happens if you can comfortably reach the ground without a sweat, but strain riding your bike because you’re too tall?

Better said, seat height is not an A.O.B as some make it look; it’s a vital consideration. Hence, knowing that the seat height of CBR600RR is 820mm is key. This could mean that short and slightly tall people could get it, but extremely tall guys should keep off the race!

Weighing about 186 kg, it’s a good bike for sporters who (in my view) are light.

2022 Honda CBR600RR Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review, Seat Height, Weight, Horsepower, & Overview

Honda CBR600RR Specs

Bike BrandHonda
Model NameCBR600RR
Production2003 +
Bike TypeSports
Brand OriginJapan


Engine TypeWater-cooled, 4-Cylinder, Four-Stroke
Displacement (cc)599 cm³
Maximum Power117,0 hp (86,0 kW) / 13000 rpm – CBR600RR (2003-2004)

118,0 hp (87,6 kW) / 13500 rpm – CBR600RR (2007-2008)

120,0 hp (88,2 kW) / 13500 rpm – CBR600RR (2009+)
Maximum Torque65,8 Nm (6,7 kg*m) / 11000 rpm – CBR600RR (2003-2004)

66,0 Nm (6,7 kg*m) / 11250 rpm – CBR600RR (2005+)
IgnitionFull transistorized
Bore x Stroke67,0 x 42,5 mm
Fuel SystemInjection DSFI
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Oil FilterK&N KN-204


Front BrakeDual radial-mounted four-piston calipers with full-floating 310mm discs
Rear BrakeSingle-caliper 220mm disc


Front BrakeDouble disc, 310 mm, 4-piston calipers – CBR600RR (2003-2004)

Double disc, 310 mm, 4-piston radial calipers – CBR600RR (2005+) (CBR600RA – combined ABS, 2009+)
Rear BrakeSingle disc, 220 mm, 1-piston caliper (CBR600RA – combined ABS, 2009+)


Front Suspension41mm inverted Big Piston Fork with spring preload, rebound, and compression damping adjustability; 4.3 inches travel
Rear SuspensionUnit Pro-Link® HMAS™ single shock with spring preload, rebound, and compression damping adjustability; 5.1 inches travel


Wheelbase53.9 inches
Trail3.9 inches
Seat Height32.3 inches
Fuel Capacity4.8 gallons
Curb Weight410 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids, and a full tank of fuel ready to ride)
Miles Per Gallon44 MPG


TransmissionClose-ratio six-speed
Final Drive#525 O-ring chain; 16T/42T


One Year includedTransferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional ExtendedExtended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®

Mileage and Performance

0-100 Kmph3,18 sec
0-200 Kmph
Top Speed254 km/h (158 mph)
Fuel Capacity18,0 l / 4,76 US gal
Fuel economy5,47 l / 100 km (43,0 mpg)
Fuel TypePetrol
Recommended OilHonda GN4 10W-40

Dimension and Weight

Seat height820 mm / 32,3 in
Overall height1115 mm / 43,9 in – CBR600RR (2003-2006, 2013+)

1105 mm / 43,5 in – CBR600RR (2007-2012)
Overall length2030 mm / 79,9 in – CBR600RR (2003-2004, 2013+)

2010 mm / 79,1 in – CBR600RR (2005-2012)
Overall width695 mm / 27,4 in – CBR600RR (2003-2004)

690 mm / 27,2 in – CBR600RR (2005-2006)

685 mm / 27,0 in – CBR600RR (2007+)
Ground Clearance130 mm / 5,1 in – CBR600RR (2003-2006)

135 mm / 5,3 in – CBR600RR (2007+)
Dry weight
Curb Weight199 kg / 439 lbs – CBR600RR (2003-2004)

189 kg / 417 lbs – CBR600RR (2005-2006)

186 kg / 410 lbs – CBR600RR (2007+)

196 kg / 432 lbs – CBR600RR ABS (2009+)

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Closing Line

The 120 mph Honda CBR600 top speed makes it ideal for sporting as well as general road use. Besides, the 13000 plus rpm optimum power range and the 12500 rpm torque, which is at its maximum, make your investment in this bike worth celebrating.

Remember, minimal fuel consumption makes long road trips fun rather than expensive.

Moreover, it’s a maintenance-free asset! So, why should you worry about the maintenance cost of a motorcycle when you can quickly get one that needs no such hassles? You’re getting late; make your order ASAP!

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