Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed, Price, Height, Specs & Review

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed is more aggressive than ever. While it isn’t the fastest motorbike in the industry, its improved performance, chassis, and bodywork qualify it as one of the best mid-sized sports bikes. Rest assured, it comes as good as it gets.

At the heart of the Ninja 650, you get a powerful twin engine and a digital fuel injection system for ideal response and accurate fueling. But there are better-sounding motorbikes out there than this.

Generally, it’s a popular machine that suits both new and expert riders looking for a sporty machine. So, you don’t have to worry about its performance, but only worry if you can handle it. Read on.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed: 131mph (210Km/h)

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is more than just a name. It replaces the older models by getting an improved Ninja style, lighter weight, agile chassis, flexible and friendly engine, versatility, and different style.

It gets constant updates to provide a modern and sporty impression for all users who love speed. Better still, its technology delivers a rugged and quick performance. See more details below.

Reliability and Build Quality

The Ninja 650 has upped its build quality, ensuring no scares of faulty performances. This is specifically in terms of detailing and finishes in this latest model.

The new bodywork designs have received constant upgrades to give more attention to the needs and preferences of different users. It boasts a more stylish and sporty body.

It comes in 3 shade options: Metallic Matte Graphene, steel Gray and Pearl Robotic, and White/Metallic Carbon Gray. This allows people to choose what suits them better. Hopefully, incoming updated versions will have more colors for a more comprehensive selection.


  • Bluetooth technology: It provides a wireless connection to the riders using the RIDEOLOGY APP, a smartphone application. This enables a customized and better motorcycling experience, especially for long rides. Connect and listen to your favorite playlist throughout your ride.
  • Economical riding indicator: The LCD screen on the instrument panel allows you to easily control the engine management, gear selection, fuel usage, and more. A significant benefit of this riding indicator technology is to allow excellent fuel efficiency even when the rider controls the other elements. When you see the “ECO” sign, you should improve the fuel efficiency and keep it low. Still, fuel consumption relies on your driving mode and gear selection.
  • Double Throttle Valve: The advanced double throttle valve technology can efficiently handle the robust performance of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed. It tames the engine response systematically, as the main valve connects to the throttle handle. Conversely, the second valve opens and closes through the ECU. It regulates the airflow intake, controlling the direct response to stay natural. Ultimately, the performance becomes more powerful and lighter.
  • Slipper Assist & Clutch: Undeniably, the primary purpose of this Kawasaki model is racing. Consequently, the Assist & Slipper Clutch technology significantly supports the motorbike’s racing performance. It uses two types of cams to provide more comfort for the rider, even in everyday operations. This makes the clutch feel lighter when operating.


The main benefits of this bike are its nimble capability and quick handling because its unique frame design enhances the appearance and confidence when moving. Handling this sporty bike becomes effortless, attracting more attention.

Aside from its loud sound, rest assured of turning heads due to its smooth and speedy function. It’s not a surprise why it was nicknamed the sportiest and most attractive motorbike.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed, Mileage Price, Specs, Overview

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS KRT EDITION Key Features

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled
  • Bore x Stroke: 83.0 x 60.0mm
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Seat Height: 31.1 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal
  • Color Choices: Lime Green/Ebony
  • 41mm telescopic front fork
  • Dual 300mm front petal disc brake
  • 220mm rear petal disc brake
  • Low seat height
  • Gull-arm design swingarm
  • Exclusive Lime Green/Ebony bodywork
  • Warranty: 12-Month Limited Warranty

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS KRT EDITION Price in The USA 2022

rice: MSRP NON-ABS $8,099 / MSRP ABS $8,499

Destination Charge $430

Freight and Materials Surcharge $200

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS KRT EDITION Top Speed

Top Speed: 130.5mph (Est.)

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS KRT EDITION Mileage

Mileage: 21 km

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS KRT EDITION Specs


Engine4-stroke, 2-cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled
Bore x Stroke83.0 x 60.0mm
Compression Ratio10.8:1
Maximum TorqueNA
Fuel SystemDFI® with dual 36mm Keihin throttle bodies
IgnitionTCBI with digital advance
Final DriveSealed chain
Electronic Rider AidsABS


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel41mm hydraulic telescopic fork/4.9 in
Rear Suspension / Wheel TravelHorizontal back-link with adjustable spring preload/5.1 in


Front BrakesDual 300mm petal-type discs and 2-piston calipers and ABS
Rear BrakesSingle 220mm petal-type disc and a single-piston caliper and ABS


Front Tire120/70×17
Rear Tire160/60×17


Frame TypeTrellis, high-tensile steel
Overall Length80.9
Overall Width29.1
Overall Height44.7
Ground Clearance5.1
Seat Height31.1
Curb Weight425.6**
Fuel Capacity4.0 gal
Color ChoicesLime Green/Ebony


Warranty12-Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional)12, 24, 36, or 48 months

Yamaha R7 vs Ninja 650 Speeds in each gear at 5000 rpm

 The speed at 5000 rpmYZF-R7Ninja 650
 Speed 1st Gear25.6 mph23.3 mph
 Speed 2nd Gear34.3 mph33.2 mph
 Speed 3rd Gear44.7 mph42.6 mph
 Speed 4th Gear56.1 mph51.2  mph
 Speed 5th Gear66.9 mph58.9 mph
 Speed 6th Gear75.7 mph66.7  mph

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Acceleration and Top Speed

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Acceleration
0-10 mph0.57
0-20 mph1..01
0-30 mph1.52
0-40 mph2.00
0-50 mph2.84
0-60 mph3.53
0-70 mph4.61
0-80 mph5.92
0-90 mph7.40
0-100 mph9.51
0-110 mph12.1
0-120 mph15.7
0-130 mph40.53
60-120 mph12.17
60-130 mph37.00
SS/QM12.3/110.6 mph
Top Speed130.5mph

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The bike is a middle-weight sports bike that has been quite popular and well-professed for its striking appearance and performance. Compared to its siblings, the changes herein are evident, as well as the price. 

Regarding competition, no bike can stand up to the performance of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 Top Speed, except in price. The latest version makes a lot of sense for any rider looking for an upgrade.

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